sleep sense online Oct 17, 2020

Parents of babies of all ages search for the secret behind a good night’s sleep. Aside from the obvious nutrition and health issues, you need to consider what your baby should be sleeping in and what sleep tools you can use that will really make a difference. When making the decision on what sleep products to buy, there are three factors to consider:

  1. Will this product add to my baby’s comfort?
  2. Is this product safe or can it enhance my baby’s safety during sleep?
  3. Will this product get me closer to a full nights sleep?


Without question the tool that will help you get a better night sleep with your newborn is a swaddling blanket. Swaddling your baby will help her sleep better as it inhibits the startle reflex, which is a leading cause of wakings in newborns. In terms of safety, a swaddle must be 100% cotton and not overheat your little one. 

Another tool that works wonders in the newborn is white noise. White noise keeps your baby sleeping in a more...

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