Episode 78 - Unlocking the Secrets of Parenting Together with Love Languages

Season #3

In our podcast, "Unlocking the Secrets of Parenting Together with Love Languages," I, Meg, an Occupational Therapist and author of the Sense Series books, had the pleasure of discussing pregnancy, the postpartum period, and parenthood with Carly, an esteemed clinical psychologist specializing in maternal mental health. Now, let's dive into the highlights of our conversation. Antenatal Period: Managing Expectations Before embarking on parenthood, it's essential to recognize that many of us have idealized expectations about pregnancy and postpartum life. Carly introduced "matrescence," a phase akin to maternal adolescence marked by hormonal changes and emotions. Normalizing these experiences combats feelings of isolation and anxiety that new parents often face. Carly's Courses for Expecting Parents Carly shared insights into her courses, "Oh Baby WTF" and "Ready, Steady, Baby," which prepare parents for postpartum life, address shifts in the parental partnership, and promote effective teamwork by understanding each other's love languages. Navigating "Sweat Equity" in Early Parenting We discussed "sweat equity" in early parenting, where both partners contribute financially or through caregiving. Carly stressed open communication about these contributions and the importance of partnership comfort and understanding. Where to Find Carly's Resources Explore Carly's resources at https://onthecouchwithcarly.com/ and the Parent Sense App. These courses form a supportive community to help you navigate parenthood challenges. So, as fellow parents, Carly and I crafted the "Unlocking the Secrets of Parenting Together with Love Languages" conversation, aiming to provide valuable insights as you navigate pregnancy and parenthood. We're here to support you every step of the way.


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