Episode 82 - The Juggle is Real - Part 2

Season #3

Welcome Moms and Dads to our weekly podcast! In this episode, 'The Juggle is Real - Part 2' we delve into the intricate world of parenting three kids, each with their unique challenges. I'm joined by Tove, a mother of three, as we navigate the joys and complexities of parenting together. (The Juggle is Real - Part 1)

Solo Parenting Challenges: Tove shares a moment that deepened her understanding of the struggles faced by solo parents. We explore the intense and demanding nature of managing three children, especially when her husband is frequently away. Our discussion delves into the intricacies of catering to children with varying meal preferences and emotional needs.

Baby Nova's Sleep Disruptions: Tove opens up about baby Nova's sleep disruptions after her hospitalization due to RSV. We'll explore Nova's nighttime wake-ups and the challenges of getting her back to sleep. I provide insights on addressing these sleep issues and offer suggestions for gradual changes to encourage longer stretches of sleep.

Bedtime Routines and Transitioning Toddler to a Bed: Tove and I tackle the bedtime challenges of managing three children with limited hands. We discuss strategies like using TV as a babysitter and rotating bedtime routines. Our conversation shifts to the idea of transitioning Jagger from a cot to a bed, highlighting the importance of considering his readiness and comfort level.

Transitioning from a Cot to a Bed: Our discussion continues with insights into transitioning from a cot to a bed, with a focus on Jagger's situation. I stress the importance of recognizing the signs of readiness, such as climbing out or needing more space, before making the switch.

In the final part of this episode, 'The Juggle is Real - Part 2' Tove and I wrap up our conversation, emphasizing the significance of support and understanding for parents in similar situations. We encourage our listeners to reach out with more questions and seek further information. This podcast is proudly sponsored by Parent Sense App, your go-to parenting companion. Don't forget to listen, subscribe, and check in weekly.


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